How To Play World Cup Soccer Drill

Are you eager to learn how to play the World Cup Soccer Drill? You’re in the right place! This dynamic and engaging drill is not just a game; it’s a fantastic way to boost your soccer skills, learn the importance of teamwork, and enjoy some healthy competition. All soccer fans, regardless of age or skill level, will enjoy this drill geared toward scoring goals, outwitting the opposition, and staying sharp.
In the World Cup Soccer Drill, you and your friends can form teams, each representing a different country. The excitement lies in trying to score goals against a single goalkeeper. As you play, teams that don’t get eliminated ramping up the excitement with each round. The last team standing wins, just like in the actual World Cup.
Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the simple steps to set up and play this thrilling game. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, our guide will make it easy and fun to get started with the World Cup Soccer Drill.

What is the World Cup Soccer Drill?

The World Cup Soccer Drill is a fun and energetic game where you and your friends form teams, each named after a different country, and try to score goals. Just like famous soccer players like Lionel Messi Autism or Alex Morgan, you’ll need quick feet and smart teamwork to win. In each round, if your team doesn’t score, you’re out. This makes the game really exciting, as you try to be the last team standing. Think you can score like the pros? Keep reading to learn how!

How To Play World Cup Soccer Drill?

Playing the World Cup Soccer Drill is a dynamic and engaging activity, perfect for practising soccer skills and fostering teamwork. Here’s how to set it up and play:


  1. Gather Players: Position players in front of a goal area.
  2. Goalkeeper Placement: Place one or more goalkeepers in the goal. They can rotate between games.
  3. Form Teams: Players should pair up in twos or threes, creating several mini-teams.
  4. Choose Countries: Each team picks a country to represent, adding an international flair to the game.


  1. Start the Game: A coach or non-playing individual kicks or throws a ball into the playing area to begin the first round.
  2. Compete to Score: Teams compete simultaneously to gain control of the ball and score a goal, advancing to the next round.
  3. Continuous Play: Whenever a goal is scored, or a ball goes out of play, a new ball is introduced into the area. Teams continue competing to score.
  4. Elimination Rounds: Play continues until the last two teams that haven’t scored are left. These teams are then eliminated, and a new round starts.
  5. Winning the Game: The process repeats until only two teams remain. The first team to score in this final face-off wins the ‘World Cup.’

Coaching Tips

  • Encourage Communication: Players should constantly communicate with their teammates.
  • Emphasize Teamwork: In a crowded field, players need to work together, think quickly, and find open spaces for clear shots.
  • Avoid Ball Hogging: Holding onto the ball too long can lead to turnovers and missed scoring opportunities.
  • Use Rebounds: Encourage players to follow up on shots, as rebounds can lead to quick goals.
  • Caution Against Long Shots: Long-distance passes or shots can be intercepted, leading to scoring chances for opponents.


  1. Multiple Balls: Add a second or third ball to increase the excitement and reduce wait times for scoring.
  2. Extra Activity for Eliminated Teams: Teams that are out can jog around the field until the round ends, keeping them active and engaged.

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Learning how to play the World Cup Soccer Drill is an invaluable experience for anyone involved in youth soccer. This engaging and dynamic drill not only sharpens individual soccer skills but also fosters a sense of teamwork and strategic thinking among young players. It’s an excellent way to bring excitement and competitive spirit to youth soccer training sessions, ensuring that players stay motivated and enthusiastic about the sport. Whether you’re a coach, a young athlete, or a soccer enthusiast, incorporating the World Cup Soccer Drill into your practice routine is a surefire way to enhance both skills and enjoyment on the field.

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