How to Get Coins in Overwatch 2

How to get Coins in Overwatch 2 is a question on many gamers’ minds. Overwatch Coins, the in-game currency of Overwatch 2, are the golden keys to an enhanced gaming experience. With these coins, not only can you grab the Premium Battle Pass and glam up your heroes with cosmetic items, but if you’re rocking that Premium Pass, you can also unlock exclusive Tiers for Legendary and Mythic content. Take your eyeball on this guide to discover the pathways to amassing these dreamy coins

Understanding Overwatch 2’s Currencies

Before we start our journey into coin collection, let’s first understand the two unique in-game currencies in Overwatch 2. 

  1. Firstly, there are Coins, denoted by a lustrous gold color. This is the primary microtransaction currency, which you can purchase with real money.
  1. Then, we have Credits. This is a white-colored currency from the original game. The beauty of Credits is you can’t purchase them. They’re solely earned in the battle pass, and they primarily let you buy cosmetics from the first game. If you recall, they used to come from loot boxes in the original title.

How to Get Coins in Overwatch 2?

There are 2 unique methods for unlocking Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2 which are discusses below:

1. Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are your golden ticket here. They reset, as the name suggests, weekly, presenting 11 varied Challenges. Completing each fetches you 5,000 Battle Pass XP. To convert this effort into Coins:

  • Complete 4 Weekly Challenges: Earn 30 Overwatch Coins.
  • Finish 8 Weekly Challenges: Bag an additional 20 Overwatch Coins.
  • Ace all 11 Weekly Challenges: Receive an extra 10 Overwatch Coins.

So, you can earn up to 60 coins every week! But remember, many things in the game store are priced over 1,000 coins, so saving up and being patient is key.

2. Earning Free Coins in Overwatch 2

Who doesn’t love freebies? Although Overwatch 2 has embraced the free-to-play model, which introduces new monetization angles, you can still pocket some coins without spending a dime. Here’s how:

  • Weekly Challenges: As mentioned above, complete them to earn up to 60 Coins weekly.
  • Rewards for Xbox Players: Xbox gamers, rejoice! By playing and purchasing games, you accrue points. You can then redeem these for up to $10 worth of Coins.

However, do remember: bagging a large chunk of Overwatch Coins in a short span without opening your wallet is a tall order. Blizzard has smartly structured it so that there’s an incentive for players to purchase them.


So, there you’ve it, gamers! For those wondering how to get Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2, we’ve laid out the main steps. The coins open up cool perks like the special Battle Pass and fancy looks for your heroes. Don’t forget about those Weekly Challenges and Xbox players should look at the Microsoft Rewards. But remember, getting a lot of Coins without buying can take time. If you enjoyed these tips and are curious about other games, peek at our guide on How to Play Rage Cage. Happy gaming, and may the coins be ever in your favor!

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