Chloe Coleman Parents

Chloe Coleman’s parents, Allison Chase Coleman, who won an Emmy as a producer, and Stephen A. Coleman, who works with cameras, are really important in her life. They both live in Los Angeles and have worked a lot in movies and TV. Because of their help and experience, Chloe is doing really well in her acting career. Let’s learn more about the Coleman family and how their work helped Chloe in movies and TV.

Chloe Coleman Parents

Allison Chase Coleman (Mother)

Allison Chase Coleman, Chloe’s mother, is not just a renowned producer but also a talented director and actress. Most notably, she’s recognized for her Emmy-winning role as the producer of the reality show “The Amazing Race,” where she contributed to over 100 episodes between 2001 and 2007. This reality show, hosted by Phil Keoghan, wasn’t her only stint. Allison’s versatile portfolio includes projects like “America’s Next Top Model,” “Kid Nation,” “Flavor of Love,” and many more. As a former actress, her initial ventures include roles in series like “Midnight Caller” and movies like “The Roller Blade Seven.” Her influential presence can also be felt on social media platforms like Instagram, where she updates followers on her latest endeavors.

Stephen A. Coleman (Father)

Stephen Coleman, Chloe’s father, holds a significant position in the film industry, albeit behind the camera. As a camera operator, Stephen’s technical expertise is evident in several scripted and reality TV shows. His work with “The Amazing Race,” notably when Allison was the producer, stands out, along with his contributions to “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Originating from Norristown, Pennsylvania, Stephen’s academic background is in Telecommunications from Kutztown University. A proud father, he often showcases glimpses of his personal life, including his family moments, on his Facebook account.

Chloe Coleman Parents

The Extended Coleman Family and Chloe’s Rising Star

In addition to Chloe Coleman’s Parents, the Coleman family includes Mia Coleman, a budding actress known for her roles in shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Big Little Lies.” Mia, just like her sister Chloe, began her acting journey at a young age, displaying a promising future in the industry. Chloe’s broader family also plays an essential role in shaping her identity. With a rich heritage tracing back to Eastern European roots and a blend of African American lineage, Chloe’s diverse background adds depth to her acting capabilities. Her close-knit relationship with extended family members in Prague, as well as the celebrations with grandparents and cousins, showcases a family that cherishes its bonds.


Chloe Coleman’s parents, Allison Chase Coleman and Stephen A. Coleman, have deep roots in the entertainment world. Living in Los Angeles, Allison’s success as an Emmy-winning producer and Stephen’s work as a camera operator has surely guided Chloe in her acting journey. Their combined experience and the support they provide make the Coleman family a strong team in Hollywood.

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