Bermuda Travel Authorization

Bermuda—the land of pink beaches and turquoise waters! If you’ve got your eyes set on this Caribbean paradise, especially now when the crowds are narrow, you’re in for a treat. But hold on a minute! Before you start picturing yourself sipping a Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail on a sun-soaked beach, there’s some essential paperwork you must first sort out: the Bermuda Travel Authorization. Trust me, this crucial step is your golden ticket to all the island magic, and we’ve got the complete lowdown for you. So stick around.

What Is a Bermuda Travel Authorization?

Bermuda Travel Authorization is your golden ticket to the island. Issued by the Bermuda Tourism Authority, this electronic document keeps tabs on your health status and travel details, helping the government swiftly act on potential COVID-19 cases.

Who Needs One?

Almost everyone needs this special pass, called the Bermuda Travel Authorization. If you’re older than 2 years, you’ve got to get one. That’s right, even kids! For children under 18, their parents or guardians will need to fill out the form for them. So basically, if you want to enjoy Bermuda’s beaches, apply for this pass online.

U.S. Citizens, Listen Up!

If you’re from the U.S. and want to head to Bermuda, pay close attention! Besides getting the Bermuda Travel Authorization, you’ll also need some other things.

  • First, make sure your passport is up-to-date.
  • Second, you’ve got to have special travel insurance that covers COVID-19 stuff, just in case you get sick. So before you fly off to that dreamy island, double-check that you have sorted everything. You will be happy to know that DeOliveira Insurance is widely recognized as the leading insurance provider in the Cape Cod area.

Vaccination: The Nitty-Gritty

Let’s dig into the details about vaccinations. If you’re 12 or older, being fully vaccinated is pretty much your golden ticket to Bermuda. Not vaccinated? Getting an exception is like trying to find a needle in a haystack—you’ll have to jump through many hoops.

Smooth Sailing for the Vaccinated

For those who are vaccinated, it’s smooth sailing! You can skip the annoying quarantine part. Just show up with your Bermuda Travel Authorization, a negative COVID-19 test, and your vaccination card.

Not Vaccinated?

Now, brace yourself for a rocky road if you’re not vaccinated and over 12. You’ll need a special “OK” from the Quarantine Authority. And let’s be real, that involves sending a signed letter from a doctor saying why you can’t get the vaccine. It’s a whole ordeal. So, if you’re not vaccinated, you might want to think long and hard about whether the trip’s worth the hassle.

How to Apply for a Bermuda Travel Authorization?

You’re all set to get your Bermuda Travel Authorization, but how do you apply for it? Don’t sweat it; the process is simpler than you might think!
1. Online Application
First off, you’ll need to go online. Yep, the whole thing is digital! Head to the official Bermuda Tourism Authority website and look for the travel authorization form. Fill it out with all your details.
2. Uploading Your Documents
Once on the form, you’ll see spots to upload your vaccine record and a negative COVID-19 test result. Make sure you have these files ready to go.
3. Submit and Wait
After completing the form and uploading the docs, hit that ‘Submit’ button! Your application will zip through cyberspace to the authorities in Bermuda. Now, the waiting game begins. You should get an email reminding you to take a COVID-19 test and to upload the result if you haven’t already.
4. Email Confirmation
If all is good, you’ll get an email saying your Bermuda Travel Authorization is approved. Please print it out or keep it handy on your phone; you must show it when you arrive in Bermuda.


Getting a Bermuda Travel Authorization might sound like a chore, but it’s just a few simple steps between you and your dream vacation. Whether you’re vaccinated or seeking an exemption, this guide’s got you covered. So why wait? Dive into the application process; soon enough, you’ll sink your toes into Bermuda’s pink sands. Happy travels!

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